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AlexTee School Welcomes every Child

About ALEX-TEE Schools

The school was established from the heart of correcting younger ones on the decadence of our cultural heritage and moral values (respect, greetings, appreciation, and integrity) and level at which education has deteriorated in the country to contribute our own quota in the training of the next generation.

Alex-Tee school was founded in Jan 11th 2013 with the request from parents of His Grace Crèche seeing the value the crèche added to the life of their children as young as they were, the school started with 10 students inside a room in the house of the proprietor and proprietress, the school was formalized in January 6th 2014 and move to their rented

building Beside Ori-oke community high school, Atenda area, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria where they are till today with moral and financial assistance from Pastor and Assistance Pastor (Mrs) Aremu. As the school progresses it has 5 classes with a teacher in each class.

Alex-tee schools is a school with vision and great ideas with series of experience in training children to be a better person to themselves, community and nation at large that is why our mission says Alex-tee schools is committed to training and developing the total child with very sound mind, academic, high moral values, social well being and integrity that will translate into a shining star.